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We are an one stop shop!  At luvubaby, you can get PRODUCTS, TREATMENTS, CLASSES for you and your baby. 

Or a HEALING session to take care of your emotional needs.  Just ask and we’ll be happy to help.


Luvubaby 為你所愛,照顧所需!


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We believe nurturing touch is a simple but powerful way to connect babies and parents, emotionally and physically. Base on this concept, we bring in INFANT MASSAGE course and set up luvubaby, a place that aim to bring love and laughter to families, to keep up the quality of emotional well being.  We won't stop it here!  We continue to expand ours services in offering treatments and courses that benefit everyone in a family - POSTNATAL treatment for mother, NUTRITION CONSULTATION and HEALING session for anyone in need and more to come!  Looking for more fun and things to benefit you and your baby?  Welcome to visit our SHOP with our own design home decoration collection "Babe Design" and the best selection of products and merchandise, you will find something you like.

At  luvubaby, we do our best to serve all your needs!

Luvubaby 的誕生, 是因為愛!我們從教授嬰幼兒按摩課程開始,讓家長緊握每一個與寶寶連繫的機會,親手讓寶寶

感受無限的愛!愛他人同時,亦要愛自己,所以導師團隊會繼續加強服務,提供不同類型療程 - 產後修身、營養咨詢及心靈療愈 - 期望可以滿足每個家庭成員的需要。 網上商店有我們自家設計室內擺設系列 "Babe Design",國際高質嬰幼兒產品、教育玩具及限量服裝,讓你無需外出,亦可輕鬆儘情享受購物樂趣。


Luvubaby 全力為你做到最好!

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