Hormonal Effects during Pregnancy


During pregnancy, woman’s body has a variety of hormonal changes, so that the fetus can grow healthily, at the same time, let the mother’s body prepare well for child production, one of these hormone is relaxin. Relaxation and lutein secreted by the placenta relaxes and softens the ligaments of the suspended uterus, enlarging the uterus 20 times to accommodate the fetus. It also increase the elasticity of the pelvis, when the pelvic space becomes wider, mommy can give birth more easily. Usually the secretion reaches its peak just before delivery and drops during production, at that time, the uterus begins to contract. After production, the secretion will gradually decline and take a period of time to return to normal the . However, the process varies from person to person.

In addition to loosen up the pelvic ligaments, it also loosen the bone joint, shame bone ligaments, which in turn cause joint soreness, shame bone joint separation and other conditions as well as joints in various body parts. After childbirth, there is an opportunity to trigger symptoms of lower and visceral displacement of the reproductive organs. Abdominal binding is different from weight loss program, it is a healthcare treatment not only make the body back to shape, it can tighten the pelvic, and also help the organs back to their original position.