Mommy, does you know what is abdominal separation?


The human abdomen has 8 abs named as abs straight muscles.  During pregnancy, mommy’s stomach becomes bigger due to the growth of the baby, the gap between the abdominal straight muscles will be expanded, refer as abs straight muscle separation. Studies have suggested that about 70% of pregnant women develop different degrees of abdominal straight muscle separation during pregnancy. The deeper of this separation the pregnant woman has, the weaker of abdominal muscles will be.  At the same time, the waist will lose enough support and lead to back pain, some of the mommies even has difficulties in getting up. After childbirth, the separated abs do not immediately return to their original position, it may wait for a few months or take a much longer time to get back to the original place. There is a common saying - enlarged stomach can't never been fixed ...


During pregnancy, the release of flaccidin and abdominal straight muscle separation leads to the widening pelvic position.  Abdominal binding and massage treatment can tighten the hormone-affected loose joints, in order to achieve abdominal and pelvic tightening effect.