The TRUTH of Stress! 

You may not believe, but stress is an essential component in the growth of intelligence. In times of stress, the pituitary gland produces a hormone called ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone), which activates the adrenal steroids, mobilizing the body and brain to deal with an unknown or unpredictable emergency. This hormone has been found to stimulate the production of many new proteins in the liver and brain – proteins that are instrumental in both learning and memory. But without its equally important opposite, relaxation, stress can lead to overstimulation, exhaustion and shock. Infant massage is the best way to balance this off. Through massage, we can provide our children with relaxing, joyful experiences and teach our babies how to relax their bodies in response to stress. The ability to relax consciously is a tremendous advantage in coping with the pressures of growing up.

Source : Infant Massage, A handbook for loving parents, Vimala McClure



你可能不相信, 但壓力是幫助寶寶智慧增長的一個重要原素。 當我們處於壓力下, 腦垂體會產生一種激素稱為ACTH (腎上腺素激素), 啟動腎上腺類固醇, 幫助身體和大腦處理未知或不可預知的緊急情況。 這種激素會刺激肝臟和大腦生產許多新的蛋白質,而這些蛋白質是有助於學習和記憶。 但是, 如果沒有一個正確的應對方法 - 放鬆, 壓力是會導致過度刺激, 疲憊和休克。 嬰兒按摩正是平衡及減低壓力的最佳方法。 通過按摩, 我們可以為我們的孩子提供輕鬆, 舒緩, 快樂的經驗, 並教導我們的寶寶如何放鬆他們的身體, 以回應壓力。 當寶寶逐漸長大,如果他們擁有有意識地放鬆自己的能力,會是他們應對壓力的巨大優勢。

資料來源 : Infant Massage, A handbook for loving parents, Vimala McClure