What is Nurturing Touch?

Nurturing touch can be defined as hugging, a reassuring hand placed on areas like a back, arm, or shoulder, or any type of nurturing holding. In infant massage, nurturing touch can be seen through actions like massage strokes, resting hands and cuddling.

Touch is an important part of healthy development. Researches and studies found that infants received stimulation spent more time awake and active, were behaviorally more mature, and were more oriented. Their aggressive behavior decreased and their empathetic behavior increased.


You can also provide nurturing touch by:
• Holding your children on your lap during a bedtime
• Frequent hugs or snuggling
• Holding your baby during feeding
• Holding hands with your toddler
• A back massage for older kids

Source: https://www.infantmassageusa.org/blog/2020/5/30/what-is-nurturing-touch




撫觸是嬰兒健康成長的重要原素之一。 研究發現, 有接受按摩的嬰兒,他們保持清醒和活躍的時間會比較長, 在行為上比較穩定,他們的同情心會增加。

1. 在講睡前故事中,抱著孩子在你的腿上。
2. 經常擁抱寶寶。
3. 在餵養過程中抱著寶寶。
4. 與幼兒牽手。
5. 為大一點孩子做背部按摩。

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