Premature Babies Need a Special Kind of Touch

A preemie’s first contact with human touch may bring pain – needles, tubes etc – suddenly, after the warm protection of the womb. One of the first things parents can do to help and to begin bonding is to touch and hold their baby with special care and technique. This wonderful expression of caring contributes to both physical and psychological healing, not only for babies but for parents, too. Many studies have proven that premature babies who are regularly touched and who regularly hear their parent’s voices during their nursery stay improve rapidly in growth and development – gain weight, improved on emotionality etc.

Source: Infant Massage, A Handbook for Loving Parents, Vimala McClure


在離開子宮的溫暖的保護下,早產兒第一次與人類接觸 ,例如打針,插喉管等, 都可能會突然帶來疼痛。 其中一樣可以幫助父母跟他們的早產兒建立連繫及親密感的方法,就是用特別的技巧來觸摸及抱住他們。 這種觸摸不僅有助嬰兒,也有助於父母的身體和心理癒合。 許多研究已經證明,如果早產兒經常被觸摸,並經常聽到父母的聲音,有助迅速改善他們的生成長和發展, 體重增加,改善情緒等。

資料來源 : Infant Massage, A Handbook for Loving Parents, Vimala McClure