How to choose Massage Oils for

your babies


Use of right kind of oils is a crucial step in massaging your babies.  We highly recommend that parents use a high-quality, organic (if possible), unscented, cold-pressed vegetable oil (derived from vegetables, fruits, seeds, herbs or nuts) which it is rich in vitamins and beneficial ingredients, edible and nourishing the skin. You can consider to use sweet almond, avocado, or grapeseed oils. These oils are edible, natural, smooth, low odor and nutrient-rich. But if babies are allergic to nuts, please make sure you don’t use almond oils or any kind or nuts oil.

We don’t suggest to use mineral and synthetic oils or essential oils. Mineral or synthetic oils are not edible, have no natural vitality, difficult for skin to absorb.


For essential oils, refer to as aromatherapy oils, are considered natural and derived plants, but are different from the vegetable oils. They are extremely concentrated and with different aroma smell which will block the parents’ unique and natural smell from their babies.








我們不建議用礦物油或合成油,因為這種油都是由石油提鍊而成,不可食用,油裡沒有營養成份,對寶寶皮膚無什幫助。精油, 又稱為香熏油, 雖然此種油都是由植物製成,但它的成份太濃縮,同時多帶有香味,不適合嬰幼兒使用。