Benefits of Abdominal Binding and  Massage Treatment


• Improves abdominal straight muscles.

• Tightening pelvis and abdominal muscle.

• Helps the rib uterus contract to prevent sagging. Get the uterus and other internal organs back in place.

• Improves low back pain.

• Abdominal massage removes gas in stomach and improves stretch marks.

• Back to the body shape before natal

As mother, what you need is not just a generic weight loss treatment. You need a treatment that can solve your body problems and improve your health status.


• 改善腹直肌

• 狀細盆骨,收腹

• 幫肋子宮收縮,防止下垂

• 令子宮及其他內臟回復原位

• 改善腰痛問題

• 腹部按摩驅走肚風,改善肚紋

• 回復產前身體美態