Massage for Infants and Children on the Autism Spectrum

While it was at one time thought that infant/children with ASD did not want to be touched, it is actually a matter of finding the right kind of touch or sensory- motor experience that is calming or regulating for the individual child. With patience and practice in reading the child’s cues and adapting the touch, a satisfying touch/tactile interaction can be experienced. Research has shown benefits of infant/paediatric massage with children with autism in the areas of increased eye contact, less stereotypic behavior, more on task behavior, increased social relatedness and improved sleep.

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雖然人們一直認為患有自閉症的嬰兒/兒童不想被觸摸,但實際上是我們可否為每個兒童找到一種可使他們體驗平靜的觸摸或感官刺激的問題。只要父母用耐心,不斷地練習如何閱讀孩子的暗示和調教適當的撫觸,患有自閉症的嬰幼兒也可體驗和享受按摩。 研究表明,嬰兒按摩對自閉症兒童的好處包括增加眼神接觸增、較小定型化行為、專心的行為更多、增加社交適應力和改善睡眠。

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