Play Helps Babies Grow

Every time you interact with or respond to your child, you’re stimulating new connections within their brain. Soothing noises, physical affection and gentle stimulation encourage your baby’s brain to produce the chemicals and hormones it needs to grow emotionally and physically. Most parents – once they get used to handling their baby and feel more confident – enjoy playing and engaging with their child.

• “Tummy time” – placing babies flat on their stomach to play – helps your baby’s muscle and brain development. Some babies can get a bit bored or grizzly in this position, so be ready with a toy or funny face to keep them occupied.

• If you’re on to your 97th game of peek-a-boo for the morning, maybe it’s time to mix things up. Variations in types of play and toys helps to stimulate your baby and builds skills in different areas.

• Rattles develop your baby’s physical and hand-eye coordination.

• Using words, rhymes and stories builds your baby’s storage of language and memory.

• You are your child’s most important toy.

Infant massage is not a game but it is an interactive activity that can stimulate the growth of baby’s neuron and at the same time, build up the bonding between babies and parents.

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每次你與你的孩子互動或回應你的孩子,都在刺激他們大腦內的神經元產生新連接。 舒緩的聲音、對身體進行溫和的刺激,都會鼓勵寶寶大腦釋放無論在情感和身體上,他們生長時所需的化學物質和激素。對大多數父母而言,一旦他們習慣了怎樣去處理孩子,就會開始喜歡和孩子玩耍。

• "肚肚時間" - 讓嬰兒肚子貼地躺著玩,有助寶寶的肌肉和大腦發育。在嬰兒覺得有點無聊時,可以用玩具或其他有趣的玩意延續他們的興趣。

• 如果你已跟寶寶玩了無數次的躲猫猫,也許是時候來點新玩意,遊戲和玩具類型的變化有助於刺激你的寶寶,並建立不同領域的技能。

• 撥浪鼓培養寶寶的身體和手眼協調。

• 使用文字、韻律和故事來建立寶寶的語言和記憶的倉庫。

• 緊記 - 你是你的孩子最好及重要的玩具。


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