The Beauty of Sleep

Babies need lots of sleep to grow and recharge as their brains, bodies and immune systems are all developing at a very rapid rate.

Sleep is a science – the more you understand about your new baby, the more you’ll be able to encourage the right environment for them to sleep well.

Babies’ Sleep Cycle

• In their first few weeks, newborns will show signs they’re ready for sleep after 1 to 1.5 hours of wakefulness.

• New born babies’ sleep cycles start with Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. REM sleep, or active sleep, is a time when babies dream, move and practice what they’ve learnt during the day. Non-REM sleep is deep sleep with no movement, and when your baby recharges their energy and develops.

• Babies aged three to six months need to sleep after 1.5 to 2.5 hours of wakefulness.

• Sleep improves at night when babies are exposed to natural light during the day.

• Babies have clusters of REM sleep in the early morning and may give an impression they are awake.

• Most newborns sleep approximately 15 to 18 hours in a 24 hour period.

One of the many benefits of Infant massage is improving the quality and quantity of babies’ sleep.

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嬰兒的大腦,身體和免疫系統都在以非常快的速度發展,所以需要大量的睡眠來幫助其發育和補充體力。 睡眠是一門科學 - 你越瞭解你的寶寶,你越能發掘最適合他們睡眠的環境。


• 在最初幾周,新生兒在醒來1到1.5小時后就會顯示出他們準備睡覺的跡象。

• 嬰兒的睡眠週期從快速眼動(REM)睡眠開始。REM或活動睡眠期,是嬰兒在做夢、練習和儲存日間所學知識的時候。非 REM 睡眠是深度睡眠,是你的寶寶補充能量及生長發育的時間。

• 三至六個月的嬰兒需要在醒後1.5至2.5小時后睡覺。

• 如嬰兒在白天多在自然光線下活動,可以改善夜間睡眠質素。

• 嬰兒在清晨時多處於 REM 睡眠狀態,可能會給人一種已清醒的印象。

• 大多數新生兒在24小時內約需15至18小時的睡眠。


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