How can my baby sleep better

Creating a routine around massage can be one of the best things to help your baby sleep, and sleep longer. Here are five tips for better sleep:

1. Practice massage daily. By practicing daily massage, you will learn how massage affects your baby--energize or relax? Your baby response can help you decide when it's the best time to add massage to the bedtime routine: the beginning, middle or end.

2. Be willing to experiment. Some babies like certain strokes and aren't so fond of others. When you spend time learning what helps your baby relax, your little one will get to sleep easier.

3. Watch the clock. This is not about setting strict timelines, your baby may have her own unique way of showing you when she is tired (such as yawning, rubbing eyes), and the clock can be your clue to when your baby may need to sleep.

4. Have a consistent bedtime routine. Try to keep the bedtime routine the same: same place, same time, same routine.

5. Create a comfortable sleep environment. Cool temperature, quiet room, dark (or softly lit) space, clutter free bed, and comfortable pajamas.

When you learn and use infant massage, you create a world where sleep is possible - and connect, communicate and learn about your baby in the most intimate way. 

Source : Teresa Phelps,



1. 每天練習按摩。通過每天練習,你會瞭解按摩如何影響你的寶寶 – 令他們充滿活力或放鬆?寶寶的反應可以讓你決定什麼時候是添加按摩的最佳時機 – 在睡眠開始、中間或睡醒時。

2. 願意嘗試。每個嬰兒都有自己喜歡的按摩手法。當你花時間學習那些手法可以令寶寶放鬆時,你的寶寶會更要入睡。

3. 看時鐘。這不是關於設置嚴格的時間表。當寶寶累了,他可能有自己獨特的方式告訴你,例如打呵欠,拉耳朵等。看時間可能是你察覺寶寶需要睡覺的的線索之一。

4. 有一個一致的睡前習慣。盡量保持相同的睡前習慣:同一地點,同一時間,同一環境。

5. 營造舒適的睡眠環境。適當的溫度、安靜的房間、昏暗(或柔和的照明)空間、整潔的床和舒適的睡衣。


​資料來源:Teresa Phelps,