What is Intestinal colic?


When newborns cried inconsolably for long periods of time, sometimes for the whole night, and you are sure that the reasons behind are not due to hunger, wet diapers, too cold or too hot, babies may have intestinal colic.


Intestinal colic usually happens on babies less than 3 months old, especially for those who fed with bottle. Because the stomach of the newborns is relatively fragile, when babies inhale too much air during bottle feeding or crying and not able to release the gas, that will cause flatulence and abdominal pain.







腸絞痛通常發生在3個月以下的寶寶,尤其是用奶粉喂哺,因初生嬰兒腸胃比較脆弱,當寶寶透過奶樽進食或哭鬧時吸入過多空氣, 但又不易排出氣體,就會導致腸胃脹氣引起陣陣腹痛。