Which way of abdominal binding should you choose?


There are several abdominal binding ways available in the market. Jamu (originated from Indonesia), herbs will be applied on belly before binding, but there is a chance that mommy get sensitive to the herbs. Bengkung (originated from Malaysia), will use massage oil to massage the belly before binding, to make the result more effective. Therapist binds the body from hips to upper abdomen, circle by circle, according to the person’s figure. This gives better support than abdomen belt. The body-building effect is more significant and can also reduce the chance of skin sensitivity.

We use Bengkung method, choose a special reduction of stretch marks massage oil, in order to make mommies to have the best slimming result.


坊間紮肚方法有好幾種,印尼式(Jamu)會在紮肚前在腹部敷上草藥,但媽咪會有機會皮膚敏感,而馬來西亞式(Bengkung)的紮肚帶用純棉製造,質地柔軟,紮肚前會以按摩油進行腹部按摩,以人手根據個人身型由臀部一圈一圈紮上至上腹,比收腹帶有效果及承托力更佳, 修身效果更顯著,亦可減小皮膚敏感出現的機會。