Benefits of Abdominal Massage


Do you know why our therapists have to do abdominal massage for mommy before the binding? It is because abdominal massage can increase the blood flow of abs and intestinal smooth muscles, increase the function of the lymphatic system, thereby strengthening the digestion and absorption of food, improve the functions of the intestinal system and, effectively prevent and eliminate constipation. After the childbirth, mommies will usually have air filled in their stomach and edema, massage can improve these problems. Besides all these benefits, the major reason is to tighten the separated abdominal straight muscles and let us have a more significant results of the binding afterwards!


我們的紮肚療程,為什麼治療師一定會在紮肚前幫媽咪做腹部按摩呢? 因為腹部按摩,可以增加腹肌和腸平滑肌的血流量,增加淋巴系統功能,從而加強食物的消化和吸收,改善大小腸的蠕動功能,有效地預防和消除便秘。媽咪生完BB,大部份都會有肚風,水腫情形出現,按摩可以改善這些問題,最重要可以用人手收緊腹直肌,令紮肚效果更顯著!