Infant massage can help to relief the injection or venipuncture pain of a baby


A study was done in 2016 investigating the effect of upper limb massage on relieving pain among infants undergoing venipuncture or injection in Hong Kong.  Eighty babies were divided into 2 groups, while one group of babies received 2 minutes massage before the venipuncture. 

The results showed that babies received massage had a

significant lower pain score than the other non-massage group babies.  This research indicates that massage can tone down the muscle tense and stress of a baby so they will be more easily to accept the stimulation and feel less pain.


** Source – The American Society for Pain Management Nursing 2016






按摩,可減低寶寶對痛楚的感覺及反應。有機構把80個嬰兒分為2組, 為其中一組嬰兒在準備打針或抽血前在其上肢做





** 資料來源 : The American Society for Pain Management Nursing 2016