Every postpartum mother's body shape is different, the most common problem:

1) Saddle bag: the bone (bones on both sides of the pelvis) is propped up, which causes the thigh bone to expand outwards, the situation of the pelvic area below the waist will be even worse. This leads to over-accumulation of fat around the thighs, which looks like a ‘stand out’ lump from behind and can become a "saddle bag" phenomenon.

2) Pelvic skew: If the bone is held too far open, the pelvic shape from behind will look very much like a gourd shape, or a square look. The propped-up pelvis also becomes loose and in a state prone to skewing. For people who like to sit with one feet cross over the other will be more likely to have this problem.

3) Pelvic tilt forward: As the weight of the fetus gradually increases, pregnant women's pelvis and abdomen will become more forward than normal people, medically referred to this phenomenon as "lumbar curvature", that is the state where pelvic tilt, lumbar bone bend forward and belly protruding.


To have the best result, the belly-binding methods need to be flexible.  The way of binding that we are using matches the unique needs of each mommy so to let them to get the best body shape!


1)馬鞍袋 : 骼骨(骨盆兩側的骨骼)被撐開,會造成大腿骨向外擴張,腰際下方的骨盆部位會因此更加撐大。這使得大腿周圍的脂肪會囤積過多,從後面看就像是個突兀的腫塊,也可能變成「馬鞍袋(saddle bag)」現象。