“Daddy and Mommy, I know you!”


Eye gaze is one of the first milestones babies achieve.

It lets parents know that their baby finally “sees” them and that they’re important and recognized. When parents and babies look at each other, an emotional connection is established. Babies start feeling the love and care from their parents. The developmental importance of eye gaze is both emotional and intellectual - it has special significance in early attachment and bonding and plays an important part in the process of obtaining information about the world and emotions.


**Source : By Dr. Dana Erhard-Weiss, tinylove.com





會感受到爸爸媽媽給予他們的愛及關懷。同時, 寶寶亦開始認識身邊的事物,開展他們認知的新一頁。


**資料來源 :Dr. Dana Erhard-Weiss, tinylove.com